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Since the establishment of the company, its name “MORITA” has been associated with finishing materials. The company had been registered in 1993 in Marijampolė, but started off at the end of 1995, when premises for retail of construction and finishing materials were being rented in Marijampolė.


Year 1996. Retail space for supermarket “Garnys” is bought in Marijampolė and the development of regional retail of construction-finishing materials begins.
Year 1997. A separate subdivision for selling and installing PVC windows, garage doors and yard gate automatics is established in Marijampolė.
Year 1998. A new store specializing in tools, fasteners and electrical goods is opened in Marijampolė.
Year 1999. A specialized door salon is opened in Vilnius and door wholesale begins.
Year 2000-2002. Trade spaces are renewed; new premises are being built.
Year 2003. The company becomes one of the leaders in door sales in Lithuania. A new activity is started – renting retail and storage spaces.
Year 2004. Premises are bought and a wholesale warehouse is opened on Žalgiris Street in Vilnius. Wholesale of German Concern ROTO ceiling windows and solar collectors begins.
Year 2005. A third wing of the supermarket “Garnys” is finished, where a construction material store and a wholesale warehouse is opened. Wholesale of PVC windows and a new activity – car parking rent and car storage – begins. The number of employees is past a 100. The company celebrates its’ 10year jubilee.
Year 2006. The company moves to a new office in Vilnius. Co-operation with a worldwide German door and garage door manufacturer “Novoferm” and import of their production to Lithuania begins. Construction and finish material sales are growing rapidly. Co-operation  with Slovenian manufacturer “Elkop s.r.o.” (ladders, scaffolding) and Polish manufacturer “Altrad” (concrete mixers) begins. A new salon of doors, windows and gates is opened in Marijampolė. Art collectives, kindergartens, a church and various public events are sponsored.
Year 2007. A fourth wing of supermarket “Garnys” is built and connected. Sales of construction materials are further developed in the new space. A door salon named “Durys Lux” is opened in Vilnius.
Year 2008. This year is the most intense and the best in the company history. The completion of development enabled maximum sales, important and needed orders of individual clients, organisations, manufacturers. Projects, where a lot of windows and beautiful doors are installed, are completed. A new door salon is opened in Kaunas.
Year 2009. Since the economic crisis started, the company is firing a part of the staff, minimising operating expenses, trying to optimize the balance of goods. Despite the recession, a new activity is presented – furniture, interior and presents retail. For this purpose an 800 m2 store is opened in Marijampolė.
Year 2010-2012. The company expenses are further being minimised, a part of unneeded retail sale spaces in Marijampolė are relinquished. A door salon on Žalgiris Street in Vilnius is opened. The furniture store is expanded to 1000 m2 .
Year 2013. New suppliers of furniture are attracted and a new brand is started –Sūduvos baldai”. New European door manufacturers join the proven older suppliers. A new name – “Garniukas” – is born and a store of the same name is opened in Marijampolė. 
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